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What is smart glass? And why is everyone choosing it?

Smart ovens, intelligent beds, internet-enabled fridges, are now a thing. It seems like most of our homes are turning more and more into a “smart home.”

And glass is not going to stay out of it. Smart glass is now a thing and there are so many things you can do with it!

So, we have done all the research for you…

Here is everything you need to know about smart glass and all its interesting benefits.

What is smart glass?

It is an innovative building material that is made from electrochromic glass to create intelligent partitions, windows and skylights. The properties of these electrically switchable surfaces are able to change their properties when an electric current is applied.

What are they types of smart glass?

There are different kinds being manufactured, but here are some common ones that you might run across.

· Electrochromic: with electrochromic glass, its normal state is opaque, but when an electrical charge is applied to the smart window, the glass changes state moving from semi-translucent to fully transparent.

· PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal devices): this method replaces the ions used in an Electrochromic glass with liquid crystal that is dissolved in a polymer. The liquid polymer is applied to plastic substrates and allowed to cure.

The substrate is sandwiched between two or more glass layers to form the finished window unit. In use, the liquid crystals behave much like those in an LCD display, with no voltage present the crystals are randomly arranged to block the passage of light. Apply a voltage and the crystals align allowing light to pass through.

· Nanocrystal: this technology uses a thin layer of nano-crystals usually made up of indium tin oxide applied to a plastic film. The finished layer is encapsulated between two or more panes of glass. Nanocrystal-based windows main advantage is that they can effectively block both heat (infrared) as well as visible light making them a good candidate when you need to fully block light or control heat gain.

Where can you find usage for it?

The various types of smart glass find usage in many categories. The most common remains as part of home exterior windows where they serve to enhance or replace the use of blinds and curtains to control privacy.

Smart glass also finds usage in homes that have large banks of windows facing south. Using a product like nanocrystal windows can reduce the heat gain in the summer and allow the heat gain in the winter.

Other interesting usages around the home can be found in shower glass, allowing the shower to be seen when not in use, and blocked from view when using the shower.

Aviation, marine, and auto manufacturers are all making use of smart glass to employ dynamically controlled window tinting. This can be used to reduce reflections onto to display surfaces, or to help reduce glare coming into the cockpit.

What are its benefits?

1. Versatility:

There are so many products involved in smart glass. From shower doors to TV mirrors. You can transform a whole room into something else just by turning a switch. For instance, an Interactive Smart Glass Projection Screen transforms from a simple privacy solution to the epitome of a multi-functional projection screen, engaging audiences and reverting to clear glass when not in use.

2. Privacy:

Smart Glass is astonishing for use in all kinds of privacy applications, from window displays for luxury retail to office partitions for meeting room privacy – anywhere that glass resides, and privacy is needed, smart glass offers an answer.

3. Light transmittance:

Smart Glass offers total privacy without totally blocking outside light. Offices, homes, retail stores and many other environments can be afforded total privacy when their glass is switched off.

4. Ease of use and maintenance:

One of the cool things about this product is how amazingly easy to maintain. You can use glass cleaners, IPA wipes, and other products that you can find at your local store. We will share a post soon about how to clean this type of glass.

5. Style:

Finally, smart glass offers an incredible privacy solution that looks the part pretty much anywhere it’s installed. It blends extremely well into the environment.

If you want to learn more about smart glass, its prices and installation do not hesitate in contacting us.

Scheme Glass Concept, we execute glass projects with knowledge and passion.

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