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The magic of the mirror TVs

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered... where is technology going to take us?

Nowadays, there are so many new things coming up every day and mirror TVs are one of those.

It is pretty amazing when you see a regular mirror that suddenly turns to a TV where you can watch your favorite shows while doing your make up or brushing your teeth.

What is a mirror TV? It's a screen placed behind semi-transparent mirror. It looks just like a plain mirror when the screen is off and the screen is see when it's on. Due to this disappearing feature it's also called Magic Mirror TV often. For the TV size (screen size) most of models available in the market are from 15 inch to 55 inch.

And for the design (structure) there are 2 different types:

Standard design Mirror TVs (for in-wall or on-wall installation):

These TVs are supplied as “all-in-box” set for standard installation and have fixed sizes of the screen and mirror.

Custom design Mirror TVs:

These TVs are always made “by project” to fit an exact customer's interior. Mirror glass is made in accordance with the size needed.

What type of mirror is used for mirror TVs? The technology behind Mirror TVs is dielectric glass (a.k.a. smart glass). With the use of electricity, the physical properties of smart glass can change at the flip of a switch, allowing the glass to go from transparent to opaque.

Where to install them? This is completely up to every customer. Due to the fact that it's a mirror people choose to install them in areas like, living rooms, bathrooms, pool areas, and entertainment rooms. But the versatility of this mirror is certainly one of the best qualities. You can hear the news while you are taking a shower, or watch a football game while cooking outside.

What makes this better than a regular TV? Well... it's its double functionality.

You can have a TV and a mirror at the same time, which will also enhance the interior or exterior of any area.

At Scheme Glass Concept we offer one of the best, highest quality TV mirrors. We have different designs and we offer custom options as well. Get in touch with our team to learn more!

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