• Scheme Glass Concept

The beautiful use of glass in interior design.

Often the interior design is focused on seeking emptiness. When we clean up the house we seek it to be empty, of impurities, of what is unnecessary and of what is superfluous. Glass is an element that helps us to achieve this goal of creating an empty space. Its transparency let’s light through, giving us the feeling that space is empty and spacious, transforming what could be a dark and gloomy interior. It’s the optimal solution for a room that receives too little light.

When it comes to interior design, glass has many uses. Glass Stairs made popular by architect Peter Bohlin’s for the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York, have started to show up in many a residence. An all-glass stair has treads (steps), a stringer (diagonal support), and a rail of glass. While this stair is actually cantilevered from support (likely a piece of steel) hidden in the wall, the stair is essentially all glass.

Because of its transparency, the staircase seems to float, blocking neither light nor view. And in many ways, it becomes, with its lightness and transparency, an ethereal, contemporary sculpture. If natural light available from only two sides, glass stairs are a perfect way to illuminate the interiors of older row houses in historic neighborhoods.

A perfect piece for today's modern looks.

If you are looking to enhance that specific area in your house, business, etc. Glass stair will be a good idea.

There are several options and materials you can mix. Be completely inspired!

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