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Safety Tips for Handling Glass

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The consequences for mishandling glass can include punctures, crush and strain injuries, severe cuts, amputations and more.

As a glass manufacturer, we handle glass every day and there are several safety tips you can follow to protect yourself and others from injuries.

Always wear eye protection

Wearing proper eye protection is essential any time you enter a workspace where you or machinery handle glass.

Handle glass breakage correctly

Never use your bare hands to pick up broken glass. Use a brush and a dustpan in order to pick it up. Sometimes there are small glass particles that can get stuck in your hands if you do not pick it up properly. Also, inform others of the area where the glass has broken

Wear Closed-toe Shoes

The best way to protect your feet against damage from glass is to wear closed-toe shoes that completely cover your feet. Never wear sandals or other open-toe shoes whilst working.

Wear Protective Gloves

You should wear thick protective gloves whenever you have a piece of glass in your hand. Be sure that the gloves have a cuff and that they are at least as thick as a typical pair of gardening gloves.

Do not carry more than you can handle

Carry only one piece of glass at a time. If it’s needed do it in team so it is easier.

Working with glass is complicated, but the results are wonderful.

Be always cautious and do not forget to use the right equipment.

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