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Low Iron Glass vs Clear Glass

The maximum clarity and neutrality of the UltraClear® glass color of Guardian Glass, is due to its low iron content, which makes it transparent to the edge. Without the green tint of standard glass, allows greater passage of light. A glass that, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology, perfectly combines versatility with the best aesthetics, qualities that make it the ideal solution for both interior and exterior designs. Its neutral color and transparency are key in applications where the edges of the Neutral glass (Low Iron) are visible, or in combination with light colors, keeping the glass transparent in any thickness.

Choose from several glass options: Acid Etched - Ultra Clear

Acid etched ultra clear glass that offers an outstanding and distinctive combination of elegance, light and privacy in an extraordinary solution in glass. Manufactured using the patented acid etching process, SatinDeco® has an exquisitely smooth finish that disperses light and seems to shine from within. The satin, soft and translucent finish obscures the view through the glass, but at the same time maintains the high level of light transmission. Once installed, SatinDeco® by Guardian Glass does not need special care. Its extra soft finish is extremely resistant to fingerprints and is exceptionally easy to maintain. As time passes, you can be sure that SatinDeco® will retain its elegance.

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