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We execute Glass Projects with Knowledge And Passion.

Scheme Glass Concept is a registered trademark in the United States; We manufacture in our factory located in Sunrise, Florida. Our supplies come from USA, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Spain and Belgium. We take the quality of our products very seriously and that's why we stand out in the glass industry making us very proud. We design, manufacture, and install from small residential projects to large and inspiring proposals always under our premises of high quality and excellent prices. 



corporate values

Customer Service


Quality: The quality of our work begins with our suppliers of raw materials, we use only the best available in the market. Our manufacturing processes comply with 3 quality reviews and the installations are carried out by experts in the field. The best guarantee of a product is one that is never required.

Innovation: We remain at the forefront of design, innovate in finishes, materials, designs and new products. When innovation comes from our customers and they limit our technical capabilities, we are proud to meet your expectations.


Responsibility: we respect our customers, our employees and shareholders. We respect the times and processes. We respect nature and the environment. Above all, we respect our work and the results our clients expect from it.

Service: We believe in happy and well attended customers. We provide technical support and advise the client to choose the best solution always accompanied by an excellent design. We guarantee a personalized service with the discretion that our clients require.


Knowledge: Our work team has a lot of practical experience obtained in the hundreds of projects that we carry out annually, together with training and the technology in which we invest, it ends in vain if it does not benefit our clients. That is why we strive every day to be the best and offer the best option in solutions for interior design and architecture.

Passion: Our work is done with dedication, we love what we do, we go beyond our duty, that ends up seeing the details of our solutions. The best gift is a WOW from our client.



Starter Kit


Promotional print-outs, architectural catalogues, color books, leaflets etc can be adjusted in your language and company information.


We facilitate the way with a technical training of our products and sales methods.


Customer relationship management is an approach to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers.


We have several display cases that contain samples of hardware, materials, colors, catalogs and much more for your next sales presentation.


Do you need a localized or customized version of the scheme glass concept website for your area? Get your version based on the official website theme.


Set up your Scheme Glass Concept exhibition booth with our brand and  architectural guidelines.


Create the proper space for promoting and selling the Scheme Glass Concept Solutions by making use of our architecture and brand design services. We have one of the most developed concepts for decorating the place of sale


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